Tanks not that tanky as you might think

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veluk created an issue

Anyone noticed how tanks are not that tanky as they should? They got more hp, but does not take that much less dmg, at the same time doing little less dmg themselves.


Frost and blood dk. Same gear, same enemy. Minimal difference in physical dmg taken, but for some reason blood takes much more magic dmg (same was with paladin). At one point blood took only 720 physical (something must have popped, some passive, didn't pay attention). Blood should have other enchant on weapon, but this will change little. So blood can stand little longer alive just because he has more hp. Something is not quite right.

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  1. Eriasu

    Well i can't disagree with you about tanks not being tanky as they should, but at the same times i can't say much since resolve doesn't work, and bonus armor not implemented yet. although i don't think they will make any difference

  2. iarilo

    yep, tanks should get more parry than damage dealers from strength... Not to mention it doesn't scale at all.

    +blood dk is about healing yourself, not about reducing dmg.

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