Bugged Creature Skadi the Ruthless

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Issue #1318 new
Veljko Nikolic created an issue


Players have to clear the hallway to reach the cannons used for shooting Grauf. Spears are dropped by Ymirjar Harpooners and used to kill Grauf. Move away from the frozen white pane Grauf creates when flying over the hallway. Shoot at Grauf when a raid-like message appears saying Grauf is within range of the harpoon launchers!. (ERROR, HARPOON DEALS MASSIVE DAMAGE AND KILLS GRAUF AND SKADI THE RUTHLESS INSTANTLY, LEAVING THEM IN THE AIR, AND UNABLE TO LOOT.) Continue until Grauf is dead and Skadi moves to ground level. The tank should pick up Skadi immediately. Melee DPS must move away from Skadi while he uses Whirlwind, which deals huge damage.

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  1. Urukhai

    Just run to the end of the room and use the harpoon to one shot him, without entering combat. It's the only way to loot him...the boss is completely bugged otherwise

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