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Shadesong created an issue

When wanting to earn a cloud serpent, I managed to get exalted status with the Order and earn the achievement, but it is not shown in my reputations menu and it doesn't allow me to get any reputation stuff.

This bug is also affecting most pandaria reputations, such as Emperor Shaohao and the Shado-Pan.

The only reputations that are not touched are the Tillers.

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  1. veluk

    I can see Golden Lotus and Order of the Cloud Serpent and The Tillers. I'm honored with Order for no reason (didn't even do one quest or anything). On other character i'm even revered :P But rest is not showing, also not showing if i gain any rep after doing daily quests.

  2. Urukhai

    The bug was already reported, but yes, it is indeed annoying. I can't get exalted with the Order, only revered.

  3. George Grivas

    I can also confirm,just bought the mount from the Order right after I got the exalted achievement and I can't learn it.

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