The Culling of Stratholme

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Issue #1329 new
Shadesong created an issue

First of all, you cannot detect all of the crates on the way, which does not really matter, but it bugs the script when Arthas enters the city and you cannot go through the waves of enemies, so, no bosses spawn.

Second, there are invisible mobs that attack you when walking through.

My walkthrough ended, after dying twice against the untargetable NPCs, at the bookshelf, since Arthas cannot proceed to this part.

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  1. max mustermann

    Yeah,confirmed. You have to talk to Arthas and he should kill the first citizen, then Mal'Ganis spawns and turns the other citizen into undead but that never happens since you cant talk to arthas again. As soon as you enter the city you will be attacked by invisible mobs (maybe the undead in another phase). But at this point its useless to go on and Dungeon ends here.

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