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1.Healing Stream Totem=Never heals. 2.Spirit Walk=Speed Buff works.But remove Movement Impairing Effetcs not working. 3.Totemic Persistence=Working with Fire Totems. 4.Earthbind Totem=Turns Earthgrab Totem without talent. 5.Unleashed Fury=Not works. 6.Feral Spirit=No wolfs comes. 7.Unleash Elelments=Increasing %40 Your Next Fire Spell,not working.And if you are use stormstrike after Unleash Elements,it breaks 6 swing %60 attack speed buff. 8.Magma Totem=Only 1 time waves fire.If you want to second wave,you need put new totem. 9.Glyph of Flame Shock=I am not using this glyph but it's bugged.Anyway it's not heals you. NOTE:Sorry for my bad english.But i am sure you will understand my words.And one more thing,PLEASE fix shaman.I love this class.Thanks :) (.This bugs making shaman useless :( .)

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