Druid - Tiger's Fury while Berserk

Issue #1663 resolved
skullbash created an issue

If druid try to use Tiger's Fury while Berserk is active it appears this mssg : " you can't do that right now" . This is a bug because in WoD druid CAN use tiger fury while berserk ( they were Wotlk,Cata and MoP which do not allow it) EDIT: THIS IS NOT RELEATED TO THE BUG OF TIGERFURY WHILE THE TALENT CLAWS OF SHIRVALLAH IS ACTIVE, SO IT IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF THAT BUG

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  1. skullbash reporter

    ehm Modzi, this report is not a duplicate of #1727, a bug is that Tiger's Fury can not be acteved while Berserk ( a 15 sec buff) is active, AN OTHER bug is that Tiger fury can not be used for druid that active the talent Claws of Shrivellah. so the original title of this report was more usefull than yours, and this bug is not a duplicate of to #1727 (both mine reports in fact)

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