Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns

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Reduced the number of Diminishing Returns (DR) categories. All Roots now share the same DR category. Exception: Roots on 'Charge' types of abilities have no DR category, but have a very short duration instead. All Stuns now share the same DR category. All Incapacitate ("Mesmerize") effects now share the same DR category, and have been merged with the Horror DR category. Removed the ability to make crowd-control spells with cast-times into instant-cast with a cooldown. Removed many crowd-control spells entirely, and increased the cooldowns and restrictions on others. Pet-cast CC is more limited and often removed. Cyclone can now be dispelled by Immunity effects and Mass Dispel. PvP trinkets now grant immunity to reapplication of an effect from the same spell cast when they break abilities with persistent effects like Solar Beam. Long fears are now shorter in PvP, to account for the target also needing to run back afterward.

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