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Tiago Sousa
created an issue

As of right now I can only see combat rogues running everywhere withShuriken Toss .

This spell is beyond broken right now.

Description of the Bug(s):

1 - When the spell is used it attacks 5 - 7 times more than it should continuously applying poisons and dealing alot of damage. This means that in a single spell a rogue can apply 2 or 3x making it deal some insane damage

2 - Shuriken Toss should NOT apply Non-Lethal poisons such as crippling poison and Leeching poison. It's applying right now.

Comments (3)

  1. Nasko Tutrakanov

    Apparently this plus the Killing spree usable in stealth is probably the most gamebreaking bug at this point. Unplayable. I just faced two rogues in 2s (on AT) and died in 2 seconds, couldn't manage to disperse. Rogues didn't get out of stealth until I died, afterwards they finished of my partner with the wonderful shuriken toss.

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