Karabor Launcher is a virus threat according to Avast

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Will Adams created an issue

I've been using the launcher fine for weeks, but when I tried to open it today Avast saw it as a threat and removed the launcher. When I tried to submit as a false positive, Avast wouldn't let me.

Disabling the antivirus is a temporary fix. When you re-enable the antivirus, it immediately detects the launcher and deletes it, regardless of it being running or not. It also blocks downloads from the Karabor website. EVERY time I try to play I have to disable my antivirus and redownload the launcher.

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  1. Eriasu

    So? we all get the same msg from our anti-virus all you have to do is to disable it(firewall too) and enable it when the game start

  2. Will Adams reporter

    You are missing the point of this bug tracker, Eriasu. What you listed is a work around. The point of the bug tracker is to inform them of problems so it can eventually be fixed.

  3. Will Adams reporter

    Also Eriasu, that does not work, when you reactivate the antivirus it detects it and removes it again, even when the game isn't even active. This means that the launcher has to be redownloaded each time you want to play.

  4. Eriasu

    missing the point? dude if you want to talk about points, first of all the bugtracker is for ingame bugs the right place to report this is forum and don't bother yourself the devs already know that

    You know you can add launcher to trusted list/Excluded

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