The recipe of Sky Golem will not drop to mobs in Pandaria.

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Boomkin Oh my gad created an issue

I think, no I'm sure the Sky Golem won't drop to mobs in Pandaria. Because, After 4 hours long killed mobs , I have not seen a single schematic drop My engineering competence is 600/600. so it's absolutely not normal to-have the recipe.

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  1. General Caveman

    Have they dropped for you personally?

    At the very least, I am nearly positive the field repair bot schematic doesn't drop.

    There is a problem with loot tables so I wouldn't be surprised if engineers aren't getting the correct loot table (This guide saying that the wowhead link is off due to the.engineers and non-engeners having different loot tables and the comments on the item seeming to back it up).

  2. Kaz Oum

    ALL the recepies DID drop for me personnally. infact, I'm 4 days away from being Realm-first Sky Golem owner. as I said, keep digging.

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