No Mailboxes, missing portals, objects disappeared

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General Caveman created an issue

So quite a few things are.. gone.



Along with this, a lot of gather quests cannot be completed.

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  1. General Caveman reporter

    I don't really know why the developers have been so silent the last day or so.

    A lot of places are currently very difficult to get to (I am pretty sure it is impossible for new players to get to the outlands without a mage), I am assuming things are expiring in the mail system, a ton of borked gather quests and apparently a ton of other things.

  2. veluk

    Any ETA on this? Both kinda important.. One of the GM's yesterday tried to do something and it seems one ppl can see portals, but they don't work. Others can't even see them. It's not the first time these things disappear.. But they were usually fixed in the next hours.

  3. General Caveman reporter

    Yeah, this is kinda a big thing and the devs seem to be a bit quiet the last couple days.

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