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my friends has a problem to start the game, after staring launcher this pops up and the game isn't downloading... any1 got a solution

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  1. Sorel
    1. Having trouble because of incomplete game config files .... Download this: and replace in: "Game folder"/Data/config

    2. And if the error persists, download this: and replace in: "Game folder"/Data/patch

    3. If it does not work, delete:

    • WTF , there is in "Game Folder"\WTF\

    • Karabor.dat , there is in "Game Folder"\

    • KaraborLauncher.exe.bak , there is in "Game Folder"\

    • launcher.conf , there is in "Game Folder"\

    And RUN KaraborLauncher.exe for instal !

    By the way, install all net frameworks !

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