Issue #2577 resolved
Will Adams
created an issue

All objectives can be completed except "Enter Gul'dan's Prison", which should be completed when you enter the area where Gul'dan is. Also the objective "Stasis Rune Destroyed" is missing from the quest as well as the stasis rune itself.

It looks like this quest is set up currently so you talk to him and the quest completes. Only problem is, Gul'dan does not respond when you click on him after you destroyed the 3 marks.

This is extremely major because it keeps the player from getting into Draenor.

Update: I killed the Tormented Soul on the platform directly in front of him and the quest suddenly completed.

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  1. roberta76

    hi the problem is persist,
    please fix it?
    stasis rune is missing gul dan stand s where the rune should be
    can not finish the quest i most destroy the rune to speak with gul dan

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