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Will Adams created an issue

After doing the quest that takes you to the Iron Docks, the cinematic plays and Khadgar says "To the home of the Frostwolves!" (Horde side). The cinematic then froze on this so I hit esc and clicked yes to exit the cinematic. This deposited me back on the Iron docks with the only option as the use of the portal back to Org. So not only was I stuck, now I cannot get back to the spot I was at because I haven't created my Garrison yet to get my Garrison Hearthstone.

Also the portals that are supposed to take you to the Blasted Lands from Org are bugged as well.

Edit another bug related to this: I leveled up to 91 while doing the Tanaan Jungle questline and my exp got stuck at 1% no matter what I killed or what quest was completed.

It looks like I am out of phase as I can get back to the Tanaan Jungle through the Dark Portal, as well as fly around on my mount, but I cannot leave the Tanaan Jungle.

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  1. General Caveman

    Nearly everything you said is intentional.

    There is a cap at 91 and that is the end of the stuff they finished so far.

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