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Kaz Oum created an issue

in this ticket I'm gonna list several bugs, and rank them based on popular demand, and a few temporary fixes:

-Mail system, it's the most asked question when to fix this, since it hasn't been working forever. sending stuff for alts proved to be a blocker.

-Guild banks, it's also an often mentioned issue, doesn't function at all.

-Raid system, ESPECIALLY switching from 10 to 25 man etc.., which, until something is done about this, I figured out a way to change it manually, (I tried it, it worked fine for me): type in: /script SetLegacyRaidDifficultyID(#)

where # is replaced with a digit between 3 and 6, which are commands for the difficulties listed below

3 - 10 Normal 4 - 25 Normal 5 - 10 Heroic 6 - 25 Heroic

-Archeology, it doesn't seem to show the digging sites locations on the map, a temporary "fix" for this is Death Knights,Arecheology works perfectly fine, I leveled my Death Knight up to 559 so far.

-Guild vendor on alliance side is missing, while horde's is there. not that important but still a popular complaint.

-Messed up Pandaria reps, it's a big issue, but there's one "fix" if you will if you want to get the Serpent cloud mounts and if you're a JC get the recepies, just do Klaxxi dailies, it will count towards Cloud Serpent rep (achievements are just a visual bug). the rest well, we hope the devs do something about it.

-some items are stuck upon loot, an error message saying "already looted" pops up, this occasionally happens on relatively rare items, such as "Mote of harmony" which frustrates most people.

-Reagent bank, it would help a lot of people to have the extra slots for profession mats.

-finding someone willing to group to enter a raid isn't exactly fun, we should be able to enter a raid solo without a need for a group.

-things resetting upon relog, like currency when shown on bags, ignore list, etc..

-most cosmetic glyphs do not work, but they're not important at all, still some people complain, so.. had to mention it.

This is all I could remember, if I missed something let me know,

again, and I can't press this enough, this is just what the players want and keep asking for, spells and WoD zones are NOT to be included in THIS ticket. thank you.

Good luck for the devs.

Edit 1:


-Problem with Skinning/enginner scavanging; around 50% of mobs show enginnering scavanging instead of skinning, which is a pain for skinners, and for engineers too since you can't scavange regular mobs (mecanical mobs by default) so there's no way to get Jeevees.

-Display problem with the ilvl, it shows 0/0 which is not that helpful in a pvp realm..

-stack buying, you can't change the amount of bought items from NPC's..

-Pets aren't fixed properly, the moment you summon any of your pets, an ugly bird shows up, and will NEVER leave you, will follow you to your grave.

let me know if there's more, I hope this ticket will be a reference for quicker fixes

Edit 2:


-Arechaeology general problems: NO CLASS except for DK can use it, you can learn it, but the digsites do not appear on map, IF you're a DK, you can level up to 597 (at least for me, maybe in other cases 599) and never hit the 600 cap, as the artifects reconstruction done doesn't give skill points. And finally, you can gather Pandaria fragments, but when you hit reconstruct, a load bar appears but nothing happens.

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  1. Alexander Mellar

    Along with the reset upon log in- maturity filter please. I want to know what the adults in my guild are saying.

  2. Kaz Oum reporter

    about the filter, watch out for your account status, I'm not sure how it exactly works yet, because it appears randomly, but once a message in yellow says you're connected to your account, tick the mature language filter and relog, should be fine.

  3. veluk

    I would add buying in bulk from vendors (shift+click).. Buying Light Parachment for inscription while leveling is such a pain. Shift + click > 100 x click.. It's another basic thing in wow like mail, bank etc...

    Work on stats/passives i don't know which does not work, but pala in prot spec is as "tanky" as ret (it is not that much of an issue with DK's, but they are little op overall) while doing less dmg and having little more hp. When can we expect some work on spell/talents too? Seems like AT doesn't help anymore.

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