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Kaz Oum created an issue

as you may already know, Archaeology isn't working as it should.

and some of us (me included) want to acquire the Vial of Sands (one of the hardest things to acquire since the drop requires random archaeology in uldum + random tol'vir artifect is the jar + a low drop rate, for alchemists ONLY)

those specefic things are so hard, and practically impossible with the way archaeology is now, and, many other servers have found a way around this: adding a [Canopic Jar] to the vendor [Krystel]

this item can hence be traded for 1 Spirit of Harmony and avoid the glitchy Archaeology problems.

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  1. veluk

    Better to let them fix all these things. Once archaeology is fixed everyone who wants, will start working toward acquiring this and any other mounts/achievements etc.

  2. Kaz Oum reporter

    this is a suggestion that's adopted by many servers I've played on, especially that it's both TEMPORARY, and easy to script/add, unlike archaeology that might take a while, they can remove it later when everything is fixed and works properly again.

    I'm a mount collector and I basically have every other accessible mount except for this one.

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