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I've found two bugs in EPL. The first: When burning Overstuffed Golem corpses in the quest 'Scourged Mass' (, you set yourself afire with a debuff. It actually quite cool and 100% harmless in anyway.

The second: The follow-up quest 'The Corpsebeasts' is bugged. There are no cult members in the designed quest area, south of the questgiver 'Crusader Kevin Frost <Argent Crusade>' (, that are channeling and there are no Corpsebeasts. The closest I've seen is 1 Corpsebeast laying on the ground but when I approached it the Corpsebeast corpse just disappeared. This is sad because I was seeing forward to get this quest reward for my Warlock 'Overload Robes '(

Your sincerely Sebastian

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