The Portal's Power

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Enter the Soul Engine beneath the Dark Portal, then shut the Dark Portal down. Enter Gul'dan's prison Mark of the Burning Blade destroyed Mark of the Shattered Hand destroyed Mark of the Blackrock destroyed Stasis Rune destroyed

Relevant Locations Part of this quest happens in Tanaan Jungle. Description This portal is fueled by powers neither mechanical nor arcane. Look to either side of us, <name>. The screaming souls of slain prisoners are being channeled into the heart of the portal itself. And they are channeling these souls through the body of Gul'dan. Find a way into the chamber beneath us, and do whatever it takes to get Gul'dan to stop his channeling. Our last hope rests on you

stasis rune is missing gul dan stand s where the rune should be, cant finish the quest i most destroy the rune to speak with gul dan please restore the stasis rune

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