Archaeology dig sites do not appear on the map.

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General Caveman created an issue

As the title says, when I go to see the world map after training in Archeology (and enabling the option to see dig sites) there are none shown.

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  1. General Caveman reporter

    As a follow-up, my death knight had dig sites come up on her map but wasn't even trained in it yet.

  2. max mustermann

    Only my DK got dig sites. Every other Class/Race doesnt. Maybe a phase issue, because i left dk start area after i couldnt use the gryphon to get out of i took the portal to stormwind and may not be in the same phase like with other classes.
    I miss the keystone drop.
    And since MoP there are 5 artefacts in 1 dig side...not only 3 before the dig site is exausted.

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