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Issue #811 new
iarilo created an issue

Plague Leech - - Doesn't remove diseases from the target. Also usable when there is only 1 disease on the target.

1) Should remove diseases (and activate 2 random fully depleted runes).

2) Should only be usable when there are 2 diseases on the target (or necrotic plague -, which counts for 2)

*1 disease: Tested with Chains of Ice -

2 diseases: tested with Outbreak -*

Comments (8)

  1. iarilo reporter

    Well, server-side they are updating, but client-side they aren't, so we're visually stuck with no runes, while server-side there are activated ones. But still - unable to use them, cuz we're not the server.

  2. iarilo reporter

    Just tested on the dummy, my bad. For this ability, runes update instantly after they get activated with it.

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