OGRE-GSoC2012-OffScreenParticles / LINUX.DEV

Steve Streeting 774c492 

[Modified: pjcast - Aug 25, 2006]

Here are a few notes on using OGRE in a linux or linux like environment.  First
keep your life simple by using the pkg-config system.  Using this script you can
easily add in the required library and include dir flags like this:

    pkg-config --cflags --libs OGRE

If the script complains about not finding the OGRE module and possibly needing
PKG_CONFIG_PATH set, you can do so like this:

    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

Most commonly your pkgconfig directory will be under the directory that
libOgreMain was installed to.

There are sone other flags to be aware of, GCC_3_1 and EXT_HASH.  These are
currently set by pkg-config flags.  Their meaning is

    GCC_3_1:  This means you are using g++ version 3.1 or greater.  This allows 
              for direct usage of the standard library.
    EXT_HASH:  This means that your hash_map and other none standard STL 
               components are in the ext/ subdir of your normal headers.
Otherwise you should be able to generally get things going.  If you have other
questions feel free to ask on the forums:, IRC
< #ogre3d>