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Issue #14 open
ᅠKawa repo owner created an issue

Right now, there's a set of "tattered shreds" clothing, one for each layer, and you get them by having clothing, well, torn. This is a remnant of the CoC-like JsNoxico, and I feel it could be done better.

So here's my idea: a torn token. Given a torn token, any piece of clothing counts as having reach and translucent. Their price drops to near-zero, and perhaps they could be recrafted to lose the torn token, perhaps replace it with a repaired token that merely affects the price a bit.

Relatedly, there could be bloodstained, cumstained, and generally wet tokens. The first two can be acquired in the obvious way (and may influence the character's charisma and such), but the wet token also from having an item equipped by a slimy character. And of course from being submerged. If the character isn't the direct cause of the wetness, the wet token could (should?) maybe have a countdown on it so things can dry. At any rate, a wet piece of clothing, perhaps with a preventative token to denote it's a thick material, could be considered translucent. That is, a t-shirt hides info, but a wet t-shirt won't, while a wet leather jacket still hides the info.

Tattered shreds as a concept could be retained as legit clothing options.

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  1. ᅠKawa reporter

    Okay let's go with the torn status first.

    1. Remove the various Tattered Shreds, leaving only one that's turned into a regular clothing item.
    2. Make InventoryItem:TearApart inflict the torn token.
    3. Make InventoryItem:CanReachThrough respect torn.
    4. Test that shit.

    Step one might as well come last, but whatever.

  2. ᅠKawa reporter

    Found a major issue regarding remembering which carried item we're talking about. If two characters have plain_panties, they'll be checked for in order, and the plain_panties InventoryItem will memorize the last character's carried panties. Thus, tearing my test partner's skirt and panties off only worked halfway -- the skirt went fine but the panties got confused between theirs and mine.

    This has been resolved, hopefully, by maken tempToken (which needs a rename badly) into a Dictionary, remembering the carried item's Token per Character.

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