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Kettle Mix

The Kettle Mix shader is an efficient mixer designed specifically for the Kettle Uber shader. It is particularly well-suited to creating layered effects, such as scratched paint over metal. It will correctly mix the AOV outputs for Kettle Uber shaders, offers a bump slot for each individual layer, and will not process any layers which are 100% hidden under further layers, which can significantly speed up rendering. It offers the ability to mix up to four layers with the base input, but in contrast to the Softimage mix2layer/mix8layer shaders, only offers the default mix mode.



Color BaseThe base layer. Plug your first shader here.

Layer [#]

ActiveDetermines whether this layer is used or not.
ColorThe color input. Plug your shader to be mixed here.
WeightThe weight of this layer when mixed with other active layers. This value is normalised against all other weights.
ScaleA multiplier that determines the size of the bump for this layer.
BumpThe bump slot allows 'global' shifts in bump height per layer, i.e to add height to a layer of grime or paint.