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Plugins for MCClans

MCClans provides an API that other plugins can make use of. Using this API, third party plugins can for example, give a whole clan access to protection fields for a land protection plugin, or extend MCClans with some completely new functionality.

Plugin List

If we know of any plugins that have some functionality for MCClans (and we like them enough to be recommended) we add the plugin to this list.

Plugin Description
Nucleus v0.22.0+. Use Nucleus chat templates to display the clan tag in chat. Set the MCClans config option use-chat-clan-tags to false and use {{pl:mcclans:clantag}} to place the clan tag in a nucleus chat template
UltimateChat Can display various clan information, see the UltimateChat topic for specifics

Plugin Ideas

There are a few requests for plugins (from us, and from our users) that we would like to see. If you are a developer, feel free to take inspiration from this list. Or just add support for MCClans if you have already developed a plugin with similar functionality. If you are a user and have a request, make a post on our Sponge forum topic and it may be added to this list.

  • Land / grief protection by placing blocks (similar to PreciousStones from Bukkit) [with support for clans]
  • Plugin with land claiming including taking over other player's claims [with support for clans]
  • Chest / door locking [with support for clans]

Developers Info

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