MessyPaste is primarily a thing I threw together to get to grips with Google App Engine and

It's a write-once (like pastebin type sites) interlinkable (like wikis) url-keyed ... thingy.

It accepts markdown input and uses pygments to add syntax highlighting to code and MathJax to turn LaTeX formulae into display formulae.

Everything on is a mess except /source and /code which both display the currently running source code via python's inspect module.


To run you'll need:

  • Google App Engine, Python SDK
  • Python modules:
    • markdown
    • web
    • pygments

I personally had to make symlinks to the module folders inside the code folder for GAE to recognise the libraries. On the plus side will automatically traverse those symlinks for you so when you upload to GAE it doesn't bugger things up.


  • Use CodeMirror to provide a slick markdown input interface.
  • Allow for deletion or correction within a couple of minutes of posting a mess in case of mistakes.
  • Improve aesthetics