Welcome to the source code of the CSurf_Klinke_MCU Extension for
Reaper (v3.6 or higher). This extension enhances support for the
Mackie Control Universal (MCU) controller, but can also be used for
other controllers that use the MCU protocol (please read the manual of
your controller to check if and how your controller supports this

Beside the Reaper SDK the code also depends on the JUCE and BOOST
libraries. So you will need to indicate three SDK locations via
environment variables. Sometimes the JUCE library is not backward
compatible, therefore you need v1.50 or v1.52!

Example: The juce SDK (v1.52) is installed in C:\juce and the
header file is found in C:\juce\juce.h

Set the environment variable in 

Start -> MyComputer -> RightClick -> Properties -> Advanced ->
Environment Variables -> System Variables section -> New Button

Variable Name = JUCE
Variable Value = C:\juce

Of course your actual paths (Variable Values) may be different, but
the Variable Names must exactly agree with the ones above, those
Variable Names are the ones referenced in the Visual Studio project.

For the reaper extensions SDK repeat as above:

Example: C:\reaper_extension_sdk

Variable Value = C:\reaper_extension_sdk

And for the Boost Library (v 1.39.0 or above) repeat again as above:

Example: C:\boost

Variable Name = BOOST
Variable Value = C:\boost

All parts of the Boost Library are header-only based, so it's not
necessary to compile the libs.

For JUCE it's a little bit more complicated. It's important that you
use JUCE 1.52, you can download it from .

The project file for Visual Studio 2010 doesn't contain the 64bit
build, but I have added an updated project file in the JUCE-changes
folder. There you can find also a file called juce_Config.h. It's a
good idea to replace the files from the JUCE Download with the files
from the JUCE-changes folder. Then load the Visual Studio project and
compile the libraries.