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Jason R. Coombs  committed 7e47e77 Merge

Merge 0.6.2

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 fd09d43afeb30bd8b266aea61d00d2af09a08fc6 0.7.0b1
 b97cfd79cce877a6d70f7c7fd1b70effef599aef 0.7b2
 1d8f3dbc642013eb62ccbd6eb99659ec998c30a1 0.6.1
+ad8cde773277eab32ba04207105497746d1646a7 0.6.2


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 support that interface through all versions of irc 1.x, so if you've made
 these changes, you can safely depend on `irc >= 0.7, <2.0dev`.
+* Fixed incorrect usage of Connection.execute_delayed (again).

File irc/client.py

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         self.irclibobj.execute_at(at, function, arguments)
     def execute_delayed(self, delay, function, arguments=()):
-        self.irclibobj.execute_delayed(delay, function, arguments())
+        self.irclibobj.execute_delayed(delay, function, arguments)
     def execute_every(self, period, function, arguments=()):
         self.irclibobj.execute_every(period, function, arguments)

File lib/irclib.py

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