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-2001-10-14  Joel Rosdahl  <>
+2002-02-17  Joel Rosdahl  <>
+	* Released version 0.3.3.
+	* Makefile, README, .cvsignore: Removed documentation generated by
+	pythondoc.  Use pydoc instead.
+	* servermap: Removed some excess whitespace.
+	* README: Mention
+	* Makefile (dist): Changed archive name from irclib-* to
+	python-irclib-*.
+	Changed license from GPL 2 to LGPL 2.1:
+	* COPYING: New license text.
+	*,, servermap: New license header.
+2001-10-21  Joel Rosdahl  <>
+	* Released version 0.3.2.
 	* (_parse_modes): Fixed problem found by Tom Morton: the
 	mode parsing code bailed out if a unary mode character didn't have
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