remove 30fps animations

Issue #33 resolved
Justin B
created an issue

would it be possible to remove animation fps cap/ fill in the frame "gaps" to make the game a lot smoother?

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  1. Sean C repo owner

    The game was hard coded to run at 30fps. There's too many spots that would need to be fixed up to make it run higher, to the point someone might as well rewrite the engine.

  2. Jordon Moss

    It's very possible despite the animations themselves being at 30fps. It's called Interpolation. Averaging out the bone or vertex positions between the current frame and the next frame, at the rendering framerate.

    Tricky, but not impossible.

  3. Sean C repo owner

    Considering both devs have full time industry jobs and other priorities, we're less likely to continue to iterate a mod on a closed source engine

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