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Visual Assist

I, kornman00, like to use Visual Assist when I'm in Visual Studio.

Because of my usage of this pretty awesome plugin I'm able to get a richer and, usually, a more colorful view of the source I'm editing. This view can be very different from what someone using a default config VS or VS Express is seeing. So if you're looking at the source code to OpenSauce and saying "GAAHHH!!!!" then you're looking directly into the sun and I suggest you get some VAX sunglasses :P

Visual Assist - Details

For starters, VAX colors user data types (so they're visually distinctive from other code). Something you'll see heavily in any VC++ project. Off hand, I believe VC# and VB.NET's editors have user data type coloring too so in the case of them you're already set. But VAX doesn't just apply these enhanced colorings to the text editor, but it can apply them to listboxes, the object browser, tooltips, etc. There are a few other font options you can apply but the following are the only settings I change from the default:

  • Fonts and Colors
    • Blue: Classes Structures, typedefs
    • Gray: Variables
    • Purple: Preprocessor
    • Lime: Methods
    • Apply coloring to: Text editors only.

Visual Studio

I have various font settings configured for VS itself but the biggest thing to note is that I use a white-text on black-background font setup.

Through My Eyes

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Myself, I like darker colors as it doesn't burn the eyes as fast. Unlike the google-code pages which are composed of mainly white pages...

Anyway, to get an idea of how I see the OS code here is an example screen capture from my setup:

Kornman's VS color's