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User of OS for HaloCE? Have questions or problems? Check the list below before venturing off and nagging others for common problems with common solutions


Does OS Auto-update?

  • No, OS has no auto-update features, it will however display the latest available version on the main menu if a newer build has been released.

The MSI fails to install OS

  • The installer requires Admin rights because it modifies Program Files and the like.
  • Reinstall HaloCE + the HEK. Chances are you didn't do it right the first time.
  • Update HaloCE (including the dedicated server) to the supported version (v1.10)

OS HEK Map compile errors

  • Tool exceptions saying there are too many unit_extension_block's! This will occurs on some old bungie tags because the padding space that we use to add the unit extensions block used to be a tag reference and in really old tags that data hasn't been cleared out. To fix this you need to export the tag using stock Guerilla, reimport it and overwrite the old tag.

Running OS In-game

Game crashes at startup

  • Turn off programs ALL other programs and try again.
  • Especially turn off Xfire. See Issue 4. Open the task manager and make sure that fucker isn't running still. Yes, the shitty software likes to persist in memory even after you tell it to "quit".
  • Update your game and dedi exes to the supported version (v1.10)
  • If you "upgraded" from an older OS install (e.g., 3.0.1 to 3.1.0), try uninstalling your current install and then reinstall with the most up to date version.

In-game menu disappears instantly

  • Chances are you're running Steam. See Issue 6. This is Valve problem, not ours or Halo's.

Editing your settings

  • You can edit your OS settings via the OpenSauce UI which is accessible by pressing the F7 key. Pressing F7 on the main menu or pause menu will give you a list of settings to change. When you press F7 whilst in-game you will get a dialog for the settings that pertain to gameplay.