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Parameter Types

  • String: a string value
  • TagName: Path to a specific tag definition (without the group extension)
  • DataName: Path to a specific file in the data sub-folder
  • Switch: can be a boolean value (true/false) or switch (0/1)
  • Directory: Path to a folder in the tags or data sub-folder



Builds a cache file with extra Open Sauce arguments. Output cache file will be in .yelo format instead of .map if use-memory-updates is on.

Parameter Type Help
mod-name String The name of the mod this scenario belongs to. This will also be used when naming the new data-files
create-anew Switch Should new data-files be created before building the cache?
store-resources Switch Should the scenario's bitmaps/sounds/locale data be stored in the data-files?
use-memory-upgrades Switch Does the scenario require Open Sauce's memory upgrades to run? Produces .yelo file instead of .map
scenario-name TagName Name of the .scenario to use. Just like the stock build-cache-file

You'll need to turn use-memory-upgrades on if:

  • You're using mod-sets to store-resources externally in those data files
  • You're using OS-specific script functions or globals
  • Your scenario's scripts need more than the standard amount of script limits to compile.
  • Your map needs more than the standard amount of tag memory.
  • Your map needs more than the standard amount of tag instances.
  • Your map uses unit seat extensions (such as boarding)


Not Implemented

Parameter Type Help
scenario-name TagName


Creates shader_postprocess_generic tags from HLSL .fx shaders in the data directory

Parameter Type Help
shader-directory Directory Path that contains the shaders to compile


Parameter Type Help
yelo-tool-command String


Replaces the lightmap UVs of a bsp with custom ones loaded from an obj file. The obj file must have lightmaps grouped by object and in ascending order (lightmap_0 to lightmap_n). Best way to ensure this is to export a fresh lightmaps obj using Aether, import it into your modelling program then ONLY edit the UV's to ensure the model matches the bsp.

Parameter Type Help
structure-bsp TagName location of the target bsp, relative to the tags directory
obj-file DataName location of the source obj, relative to the data directory


Creates a c++ definition header file mapping out the tag structure of a specified tag. The resulting header file is saved to the working directory of OS_Tool.

Parameter Type Help
tag-group String 4 character identifier for the tag type type you want a definition of. E.g., bitm
add-boost-asserts Switch Controls whether to add BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT code to the end of struct to ensure the struct sizes are correct


Reads the tag cache and tag instances from a running instance of haloce, displaying the addresses, offsets and values of tag fields for easier reverse engineering. Also has basic memory writing for runtime editing of tag values.

Parameter Type Help
no params none none


Collates a set of files into a single package that OS can load. Only used for OS features that require data that can't be in a map cache, such as the OS UI and postprocessing shaders.

Parameter Type Help
source-directory String The absolute directory to use as the root of all relative paths.
output-directory String The directory to save the resulting file to.
file-definition-xml String Relatice path to the packed file definition xml.


Removes OpenSauce data from tags that would prevent the stock tools from working. WARNING: DESTRUCTIVE!

Parameter Type Help
tag-name String The tag to purge of OS data.
tag-type String The type of the tag (file extension).
recursive Boolean Controls whether to process all of the tags that are referenced by the specified tag