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1. Install pre-requisites.

    - Captures require PyQt4 or Phantomjs (recommended).
    - Phantomjs:
        - Compile Phantomjs and place the binary in the same directory as the source files.
        - Make sure the binary is called "phantomjs".

2. Run the script.

    - python ./ -h

v1.2: (11.26.12)
 * cleaned up the code for release

v1.1: (7.15.12)
 * no longer freezes on redirects to 401 authentication.
 * stores each run in a unique directory.
 * shows headers for final destination rather than redirect.
 * denotes redirect next to the status header.

 * Keep in mind that there is no good way to follow a JavaScript redirect in an automated fashion. Pages using JavaScript to redirect the browser will show up as a blank screen shot.
 * Increased verbosity will show a lot of errors from Phantomjs and PyQt4. Most of these are debugging errors and will not impact the fidelity of the report.