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I wasn't able to see a difference, but it doesn't break anything, so why not. :)

Merged in olemoudi/recon-ng (pull request #9)

hosts::google: added &filter=0 in query to show hidden results

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             for sub in subs:
                 query += ' -site:%s.%s' % (sub, domain)
             full_query = base_query + query
-            payload = {'start': page*nr, 'q': full_query}
+            payload = {'start': page*nr, 'q': full_query, 'filter' : 0}
             # note: query character limit is passive in mobile, but seems to be ~794
             # note: query character limit seems to be 852 for desktop queries
             # note: typical URI max length is 2048 (starts after top level domain)
         if verbose: self.output('Final Query String: %s?%s' % (url, urllib.urlencode(payload)))
         self.output('%d total hosts found.' % (len(subs)))
-        if cnt: self.alert('%d NEW hosts found!' % (cnt))
+        if cnt: self.alert('%d NEW hosts found!' % (cnt))