Issue #16 resolved

commandline access

Anant Shrivastava
created an issue

There should be a scriptable commandline access like msfcli or w3afcli where you can configure all parameters either as part of command or in a simple config file which could be just read and all parameters set.

will allow for integration in other tools.

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  1. Tim Tomes repo owner

    Does the resolution to Issue #3 do what you are requesting? If not, I've got some ideas on how i could make it even more like msfcli, but it would be a while until I could get to it. Basically, rather than call cmdloop() for each module, we would have to build the object and run the methods manually based on command line arguments. It may get unwieldy.

  2. Tim Tomes repo owner

    Shhhhh... :-) I haven't announced the latest push yet. Consider it a pre-release for those who pay attention. I'll be announcing the push on Tuesday. Enjoy!

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