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Flickr api key option

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I'm using recon-ng v4.7.3.

Flickr API is identified by key : secret combination.

Recon-ng is asking only for flickr_api value which under described situation is not quite right.

Please advise.


Also, I'm not too sure how jigsaw / pwnedlist api options are still beneficial as far you have to pay a a LOT of money to be subscribed to their service.



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  1. Tim Tomes repo owner

    Has the Flickr API changed? This still works for me. Perhaps there is an older API that the module is based on.

    As far as Jigsaw and PwnedList go, Jigsaw no longer provides API keys and yes, PwnedList is very expensive, but these modules are extremely useful for those of us that have access.

  2. Tim Tomes repo owner

    I believe you are getting the keys for the new API. The module leverages the legacy API. It's been years since I did it, so I don't remember the process of getting an API key. Maybe it's the key? Have you tried them both? Do either work? If you figure this out, let me know and I'll update the wiki. Thanks.

  3. catalpa88

    Hello, I'm was having the same issue with v4.9.0 on Kali. The flickr_api should use the key vs. the secret.

    I tested it directly with a URL in the browser, and that works for me, but with the flickr module, it is saying invalid key format as well. I built the test URL using the API explorer at:

    The URL that it generated is:

    Now, as I was typing this post, I exited recon-ng to go back in and debug, I'm just getting started and in my first hours of using it, so I wasn't sure if it used -v switch or something. I loaded it, set VERBOSITY to 2, loaded the workspace that I had been using, loaded the flickr pushpin, hit run, and it ran. no problem...Maybe there is something with where the key is accessed that causes an issue if the module is run when there is not a key or if recon-ng hasn't been started while having the key already entered? I wish I was paying more attention...Hopefully this is helpful.

  4. rick

    Hi, thanks. I don't know what the heck I did wrong earlier, but It's working for me now.

    v 4.9.2 confirmed working with flickr_api set to key, NOT secret. Thanks

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