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Issue #20 resolved

Switch module without exiting current one

Anonymous created an issue

It would be nice if you could switch to a different module without exiting the current one.

Current: recon-ng > use auxiliary_robots recon-ng [auxiliary_robots] > recon-ng [auxiliary_robots] > exit recon-ng > use hosts_google recon-ng [hosts_google] >

Proposed: recon-ng > use auxiliary_robots recon-ng [auxiliary_robots] > recon-ng [auxiliary_robots] > use hosts_google recon-ng [hosts_google] >

Comments (3)

  1. rogueclown

    this has annoyed me greatly that i have to exit before switching to another module. not bad if i'm using an .rc script, but drives me just nuts enough if i'm using it manually.

    i'm digging through the codebase now; it may take a while since i'm new to the codebase, but assuming i'm able to figure out how to make "use" run from inside a module, i'll submit a pull request.

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