freegeoip doesnt work anymore

Issue #289 resolved
Siarhei Harbachou
created an issue

starting july 2018 is deprecated and all functionality migrates to

I have modified freegeoip a bit to have ipstack adopted. please update the repository

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  1. Duyar Duyar

    I have a same problem , i uploaded to the "/usr/share/recon-ng/modules/recon/hosts-hosts/" directory but when i start to recon-ng ,it does not see the new module in default modules. It seems module disabled.

  2. Tim Tomes repo owner

    Removed the google_site_api module due to the API no longer being supported. Resolves issue #245.

    Removed the freegeoip module due to the resource no longer being available. Resolves issue #290.

    Added the ipstack module to replace the previously removed freegeoip module. Resolves issue #289.

    Updated the geocoding modules to work with changes to the API. Resolves issue #292.

    Added virustotal hostname extractor modules.

    Updated the shebangs to specify Python 2 as recommended by PEP-0394.

    Updated the csv reporting module to allow including a header row.

    Fixed ^D for navigation.

    Updated the full name parsing logic in the bing_linkedin_cache module to account for changes in formatting.

    Minor cleanup of white space in the core framework module.

    → <<cset 93bb9a4fb50b>>

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