Add port, banner and other info to hosts DB table

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Thanks for creating and sharing this awesome tool.

It would be great if port, banner, geographic, etc... information from shodan & other such modules was stored against hosts.

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  1. Tim Tomes repo owner

    If we can come up with a good schema for this data as a community, then I am all for it. But as someone that works in this stuff daily, currently there is no clean way to do it. You'll have a mess of a database with gigantic tables of scattered data.

  2. imthebossofme reporter

    I'm no python or database wizard, and newer than you are at this community programming game, but I'll put some thought in to how this could be done. You may even get to see some of my shoddy code ;)

    I imagine this would be easier to implement with modules that use an API like shodan's, as the schema changes needed to store a comma separated string of ports and country & city names should be relatively straightforward. Other data sources & types, not so much...

  3. Scott Walsh

    What about a alter to the table to add the location of an external XML file since the data contained therein will be highly variable?

    This would introduce the need create said files, and also a meaningful way to iterate/search them. Actually, if you had templated reference files for files, you could pre-populate the searchable attributes(overhead might not be worth it and just do it at runtime).

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