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I am planning (if you are cool with it) on making a codestalker mod for recon-ng. The idea is that you give it a single name/tag (eg, lanmaster53, mubix, webbreacher) and it'll search all the coding repos (eg, bitbucket,, github...) for that name and then return what that person has coded and maybe the languages that they know.

This is a little outside the normal recon-ng "get info about hosts and get contact info of people". Wanted to propose it before I do it. Thoughts?

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  1. Tim Tomes repo owner

    It does fall into the area of getting info about contacts, and that's still recon. I can't say that I would use it often, but that doesn't mean someone wouldn't. If you are prioritizing modules you want to build, you may not want to put this at the top, but you are still welcome to do it.

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