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Issue #69 on hold

Data Store Conversion

Tim Tomes
repo owner created an issue

Convert the framework store to something more dynamic, such as a Document Store (i.e. MongoDB). I want to avoid installing a separate database. The python shelve module (http://docs.python.org/2.7/library/shelve.html?highlight=shelve#shelve) may be a good fit, but would require some sort of JPath or JQL to query the JSON data store (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/777455/is-there-a-query-language-for-json). This would require a MAJOR overhaul of the framework and modification of just about every module. However, it would allow for a very dynamic data storage experience, removing the restrictions of traditional relational databases. Module developers would be able to modify the data store at will, rather than comply with rigid table schema.

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