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xssed/mcafee module comment addressing....new mywot, siteadvisor, urlvoid modules

  1. WebBreacher

Addressed all comments in last code review

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Comments (14)

    1. Tim Tomes repo owner

      Why did you change from the framework "request" method to urllib2? I only wanted you to replace the parsing you were doing with BeautifulSoup. Please us the built-in method for all requests.

  1. WebBreacher author

    Actually...I remembered why I switched to urllib2. When I use the resp.text and parse the results I get 1 char per line instead of each line of HTML being an actual line. So doing something like:

    urlDetail = 'http://xssed.com/mirror/67584/'
    respDetail = self.request(urlDetail)
    for i in requestDetail.text:
        print i  # this gives me 1 single char per line instead of the actual line

    gives me 1 char per line. Using urllib2, the response body was parsable as a line. Thoughts?

    1. Tim Tomes repo owner

      This is expected behavior as resp.text is a string. Iterating through a string with a for loop will return the next character each time. If you want to get each line, then do something like this:

      urlDetail = 'http://xssed.com/mirror/67584/'
      respDetail = self.request(urlDetail)
      for i in requestDetail.text.split('\n'): # this returns a list of lines
          print i  # i is now the next line from the list
  2. Tim Tomes repo owner

    The problem with stacking pull requests is that I can't accept the ones I've already reviewed until all the new ones have been reviewed as well. Could you split up the pull requests so I can merge them individually? You can start after the McAfee modules.

  3. WebBreacher author

    LOL. I've been trying to figure out how to only submit 1 file per pull request but I am having challenges with that. I'll see what I can do.

    1. Tim Tomes repo owner

      I think the other devs branch their own fork each time they create a new module. That way, they can make a pull request from the branch with the desired change, and not their "master".

          1. WebBreacher author

            Learning branches is 1st on my list before new module creation. I swear! I just made all your changes to all the modules in this huge, abbienormal pull request.