Improve dev_diver and add gitlab

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  1. kpcyrd
  • dev_diver is currently profiles-contacts, so discovered profiles are added as contact but not as profile. Especially the github modules operate on profiles only, this patch makes sure they are picked up correctly.
  • gitlab was previously unsupported, this patch adds support. gitlab has a dedicated twitter field, if this is set the account is added to the profiles table and can be picked up by twitter modules.
  • sourceforge has introduced https support.

I think the module should be moved to profiles-multi. I didn't do this in this PR as it would mess up the diff.

Comments (2)

    1. Tim Tomes repo owner

      I like it. I left one comment below. Also, there is an outstanding issue for this module. Can you check out issue #288 while you’re at it and see if it’s a legit issue and whether or not you can fix it? Thanks.