Facebook IDs Search Module

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  1. frosty1313

Module uses mechanize library to log into facebook and search for profile ids tied to a given name. Don't think this one is close to perfect, but wanted to get it up for comments.

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  1. Tim Tomes repo owner

    I would prefer to see this done using the Facebook Graph API and not the mechanize library. Getting the oauth key seems to be tricky. I would like to see someone come up with a creative solution for scripting the Facebook API. Are you up to it?

  2. frosty1313 author

    Ya the main issue I ran into was getting an oauth key. Using a master for the framework would probably be quickly revoked, and asking all of your users to get their own might be a stretch, which is why I turned to mechanize. I'll start poking around though and let you know.

          1. frosty1313 author

            Haven't had the time to look at it recently. I checked into the various cookies present once you log in, none of those allows you to jump over to the graph api directly. However, if you maintain that session through mechanize (or whatever you log in with), you can access the graph search. It will probably still be slower though...

            frosty frosty@unluckyfrosty.net