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Added the search mixin to support Google web search functionality.
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Updated the profiler sites file. (@WebBreacher)
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Removed an unused global setting.
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Updated the REQUIREMENTS file to remove specifc versions. Resolves issue #232.
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Added the "count" parameter to the API call in the twitter module.
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Removed an unused global setting.
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Removed an unused global setting.
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Fixed a bug in the hashes_org module.
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Relocated the recon_web source code.


Recon-ng is a full-featured Web Reconnaissance framework written in Python. Complete with independent modules, database interaction, built in convenience functions, interactive help, and command completion, Recon-ng provides a powerful environment in which open source web-based reconnaissance can be conducted quickly and thoroughly.

Recon-ng has a look and feel similar to the Metasploit Framework, reducing the learning curve for leveraging the framework. However, it is quite different. Recon-ng is not intended to compete with existing frameworks, as it is designed exclusively for web-based open source reconnaissance. If you want to exploit, use the Metasploit Framework. If you want to social engineer, use the Social-Engineer Toolkit. If you want to conduct reconnaissance, use Recon-ng! See the Usage Guide for more information.

Recon-ng is a completely modular framework and makes it easy for even the newest of Python developers to contribute. Each module is a subclass of the "module" class. The "module" class is a customized "cmd" interpreter equipped with built-in functionality that provides simple interfaces to common tasks such as standardizing output, interacting with the database, making web requests, and managing API keys. Therefore, all the hard work has been done. Building modules is simple and takes little more than a few minutes. See the Development Guide for more information.


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Recon-ng is free software. However, large amounts of time and effort go into its continued development. If you are interested in financialy supporting the development of Recon-ng, please send your donation to tjt1980[at] via PayPal. Thank you.