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updated the usage notes to include infromation about 3rd party library dependancies.

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 Below are a few helpful nuggets to get you started on using the Recon-ng framework. While not all features are covered, the following notes will help make sense of a few of the frameworks more helpful and complex features.
+* There is no guaranteed that the included 3rd party modules will work on all systems. If load errors are encountered, try downloading, compiling, and replacing the library which is raising exceptions. The libraries are located in the "libs/ folder. There is no need to install the library to the system. The included modules have been tested on OS X Mountain Lion x64 and BackTrack 5 R3 x86. Below are the default required 3rd party libraries.
+** PyCrypto - [[|]]
+** dnspython - [[|]]
+** httplib2 - [[|]]
+** python-oauth2 - [[|]]
 * After loading a module, the context of the framework changes, and a new set of commands and options are made available to the user. These commands and options are unique to the module. Use the "help" and "options" commands to gain familiarity with the framework and available commands and options at the root and module contexts.
 * The "info" command is another helpful way to discover the capabilities of the framework. The "info" command will return detailed information about a specified module. Spend some time exploring modules with the "info" command in order to get a sense for how information flows through the framework.