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updated development documentation to reflect the module classification framework change.

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         self.register_option('nameserver', '', 'yes', 'ip address of a valid nameserver')
         # global options can be imported by referencing the self.goptions dictionary when registering options
         self.register_option('verbose', self.goptions['verbose']['value'], 'yes', self.goptions['verbose']['desc'])
+        # set module classification here (active or passive)
+        self.classify = 'passive'
         # set module information here
         # do not remove or modify the key names
         # leave comments as an empty list to omit = {
                      'Name': 'Hostname Resolver',
                      'Author': 'Tim Tomes (@LaNMaSteR53)',
+                     'Classification': '%s Reconnaissance' % (self.classify.title()),
                      'Description': 'Resolves IP addresses to hosts.',
                      'Comments': [
                                   'Note: Nameserver must be in IP form.'