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 * Clone the Recon-ng repository to your local system with {{{git clone}}}. Change into the Recon-ng directory {{{cd recon-ng}}} and launch with {{{./}}}.
 * There is no guaranteed that the included 3rd party libraries will work on all systems and architectures. If load errors are encountered, try downloading, compiling, and replacing the library which is raising exceptions. There is no need to install 3rd party libraries to the system. The required 3rd party libraries are located in the "libs" folder and have been tested on OS X Mountain Lion 64bit, Ubuntu Linux 64bit, and BackTrack5 R3 x86. Below is a list of the included 3rd party libraries.
-** PyCrypto -
 ** dnspython -
 ** httplib2 -
 ** python-oauth2 -