WUDS: Wi-Fi User Detection System

WUDS is a proximity detection system that uses Wi-Fi probe requests, signal strength, and a white list of MAC addresses to create a detection barrier and identify the presence of foreign devices within a protected zone. Designed with the Raspberry Pi in mind, WUDS can be installed and configured on any system with Python 2.x and a wireless card capable of Monitor mode. See http://www.lanmaster53.com/2014/10/wifi-user-detection-system/ for more information.


# install prerequisites
# iw      - control the wi-fi interface
# pycapy  - access full 802.11 frames
# sqlite3 - interact with the database
# screen  - (optional) daemonize WUDS
sudo apt-get install iw python-pcapy sqlite3 screen
# lauch a screen session
# install WUDS
git clone https://LaNMaSteR53@bitbucket.org/LaNMaSteR53/wuds.git
cd wuds
# edit the config file
vim config.py
# execute the included run script
# Ctrl+A, D detaches from the screen session

File Summary

  • alerts.py - custom alert modules
  • config.py - configuration file
  • core.py - core library
  • run.sh - startup script
  • README.md - this file