FDesktopRecorder is a program that can video record a single window or your entire desktop using FFmpeg.

This can be handy for:

  • "How-to's"
  • Product demoes
  • in-game videoes
  • Educational videoes
  • Recording Interactive whiteboards like "SMART Boards"
  • etc.

Basic features:

  • Video record a single window
  • Video record your entire desktop
  • Video record a region of your desktop

Based on a script by Peter Lyberth from the danish GNU/Linux show "Kanal Tux"


Originally created by Ole "Froksen" Holm Frandsen.
Since August 2013 developed by Artur "Lacky" Łącki.
You can contact me via Find me under the username "Lacky".


Soon more info.

Help with translation?

Soon more info.


'master' branch

This branch contains the latest "released" version. Since this is a hoppy project and much more, I will not call this branch "stabile" but "usable" :-)
If you want to run or package the project, this is the branch for you.

'development' branch

This branch contains changes made since the last release and contains all active development. Although I try to make everything run, there is absolut no garantie. Features might be added, changed or deleted again :-)
When I release a new version, the development branch will be merged into the master branch.
If you want to send pull requests or want to help with coding and so on, this is the branch for you :-)

Requires to run

  • ffmpeq is used for the recording
  • libqt4
  • libkde4
  • xwininfo
  • Optional:
  • kaffeine (the default preview player)

Note to packagers

Currently CMake and QMake are equally supported. Although I might move towards only using CMake in the future. So if you haven't packaged the FDesktopRecorder before, use
CMake to build the program.

Please also read the "KNotifications" section below.

Requires to build

(NOTE: these are openSUSE 12.3 package names)
desktop-file-utils, libqt4-devel, gcc-c++, make, gcc47, libkde4-devel



Please note, that for Knotfications to work the "FDesktopRecorder.notifyrc" file must be placed in "/usr/share/kde4/apps/FDesktopRecorder". If Folder does not exists then create it.
This is currently beeing done for openSUSE by the RPM-file.

This way of installing the *.notifyrc file might change in the future.. :-)


If you are using CMake to build this project, you can just do "# make install" after the "CMake-steps" below.
This will install the *.notifyrc file in the correct place. If you are building an package (.rpm,.deb etc), please also read the "QMake" section above.

How to build/compile via qmake

$ cd <FDesktopRecorder-folder> $ cd source $ qmake $ make

How to build/compile via CMake from/in version 20121012

$ cd <FDesktopRecorder-folder> $ mkdir build $ cd build/ $ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr $ make
(You can do "make install" after this to install)